24 Hour Wildlife Removal Services


The animals that live in your attic run through the insulation, often tunneling under it. They run on the wooden beams, the pipes, the wires, everything. They often leave behind their droppings and urine everywhere, not to mention the greases and oils from their fur. Most animals actually scent mark their territory - your attic. Rats are notorious for leaving behind urine and pheromone scent to communicate with other rats.

Cajun Critter Removal's antimicrobial fogging destroys all of these biological agents. We not only eliminate the biohazard associated with wild animal feces and urine, but we destroy the odor that serves as a chemical signal to other animals. I use a high-powered electric fogging machine that blasts out a fine mist of the cleaning agent, and gets in every last nook and cranny. The antimicrobial agent is not harmful to people or pets, nor does it cause any damage to any part of the attic, insulation, wiring or ducts. This spraying is an important part of a total wildlife control solution.