24 Hour Wildlife Removal Services


Most homeowners insurance companies will cover the cost of having your attic insulation removed and replaced when certain types of wildlife have invaded your home. The reason is because the animals contaminate the insulation with urine, feces, shed fur, parasites and other contaminants. The heating and air conditioning system then carries the contaminated air throughout your home, which can cause severe respiratory problems, such as asthma.  Unless removed, these disease-causing contaminants will remain in your home's insulation forever, creating an unhealthy condition that remains after the wildlife is gone.

The best way to prevent exposure to animal disease is to avoid letting the contaminants become airborne and subsequently inhaled. Inhalation exposure to highly contaminated areas may be all that is needed to cause infection and development of Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, rabies, Raccoon Roundworm, plague, histoplasmosis, Eosinophilic Meningitis, Anthrax and other zoonotic diseases.

Cajun Critter Removal uses an industrial vacuum cleaner with a high-efficiency filter to bag contaminated material. Our truck-mounted vacuum system can handle buildings with large accumulations of bird or animal droppings or large amounts of contaminated materials. These high-volume systems can remove tons of contaminated material in a short period. Typically, the only part of the system that enters the home is the hose. Proper disposal of contaminated material removed during animal waste clean-up is a must. Visible and accessible areas of the interior walls where wildlife has roosted or nested must be thoroughly cleaned, and all droppings removed. Removal of droppings, from structures should be left to experienced professionals familiar with proper removal procedures to prevent animal waste from becoming airborne.


After all contaminated material has been removed an approved disinfectant must be applied to kill any parasites or fungus associated with wildlife. Fleas, lice, & mites can infest bats, birds, rats, raccoons, squirrels and other animals. If the host animals are removed from their nests or roosts, the parasites look for another host and may wander into the living space of human dwellings potentially transmitting diseases to humans.


Finally, we professionally install new blown-in insulation, often in a higher R-Value than was before.  We are also able to replace any fans, vents, etc, that have been destroyed by the animals, to restore your home back to a healthy living standard.


Cajun Critter Removal will work directly through your insurance company to eliminate as much out-of-pocket expense as possible.