24 Hour Wildlife Removal Services


Bees should never be allowed to live in your home. Even if they appear docile in the early stages, this is only because they are focused on building their bees nest, once the hive is completed and they start producing honey and babies, they will become more aggressive. Their hives, which will continue to grow in size with time, can weigh over 80 pounds and present a fire and construction hazard to your home. The dripping honey can damage surrounding areas, as well as, attract other bees, insects and nuisance wildlife.

Bees are not a problem that can be ignored and it is important to do bee removal properly. If you do find a bee hive located around your home you will want to leave it undisturbed and call us at 1-888-990-0588 to safely handle the removal and relocation of the bees. If you suspect that you may have a bee problem it is best to leave the bee removal process to the experts at Cajun Critter Removal.

Once the bees nest is located and skillfully removed by our professionals, the affected area is thoroughly cleaned, the damage repaired and the home sealed to prevent further infestation. Our house inspections for other wildlife issues are also beneficial when it comes to preventing swarms in the structure, this is because sealing the property to prevent the invasion of nuisance wildlife will also help prevent bees and wasps from entering too.