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Many people think of rats as just dirty animals that live in sewers, but in reality rats are very clever and resourceful animals. Did you know that a rat’s teeth are so strong they can chew through most surfaces; glass, boards and even concrete? Both intelligent and agile, an adult rat can fit its body through a hole the size of a quarter. What’s really extraordinary about rats is their ability to quickly identify poisons you set out for them, which can make rodent control and rat extermination complicated and difficult to do on your own.


Rats and other rodents are drawn to very humid climates, which makes the South the perfect playground for them. They enjoy nesting in dry and dark areas, which makes it easy for them to want to stick around once they’re near your home. Compared to other pests, rats have one of the highest reproductive and breeding rates – they can have up to 12 babies at once. This rapid breeding paired with their ability to identify poison has increased the need for rodent control.

Cajun Critter Removal takes the safety of you and your family into consideration. Cajun Critter Removal uses safe, humane rat extermination methods to rid your home of these annoying little critters.

We know rodent control can be a scary thing to deal with, and we believe everyone should live free of fear in their own home. Rats can be difficult to remove on your own, so it is a good idea to trust the Cajun Critter Removal professionals to clear your home of pests so you can live in comfort. We perform rat removal services for businesses as well. We can check your building from top to bottom to ensure that a pest problem does not get in the way of growing your business.



Mice may be little, but they can cause big problems. The average house mouse is five to seven inches long and weighs half an ounce. House mice can enter your home through a hole that is only the diameter of a standard pencil. Female mice can have up to 10 litters each year with a gestational period of 19-21 days. Average litter size is five to six and young mature in six to 10 weeks. The average lifespan of the house mouse is nine to 12 months. However, mice in your home enjoy protection and ready food and water, allowing them to live two to three times longer. Mice are primarily nocturnal, meaning you will notice the most activity at night. Mice must gnaw continuously to keep their teeth sharp. A house mouse may gnaw on wood, fabric, metal, foam, plastic, and even electrical wires or cabling.


Getting rid of mice on your own can be difficult. Cajun Critter Removal understands how many key factors and mouse behaviors affect the mouse removal process to ensure long-term success. Simply setting traps in random areas of your home is not an effective way to catch mice. If you choose to trap mice, our professionals can determine the best location for traps to increase their success rate and eliminate the mice causing trouble in your home. Removing all sources of food and water makes your home less appealing to mice now and in the future. Cajun Critter Removal will help you identify problem areas and show you how to address them. Ongoing inspections are necessary to ensure mice have not returned and handle any recurrences immediately before they can turn into larger problems. Periodic check-ups are recommended to make sure all mouse removal and mouse proofing solutions are still working effectively.