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Bats become a nuisance when they roost in large numbers in human dwellings and bats love attics. The rapid and smelly accumulation of guano (droppings) is unpleasant, and serves as a fertile breeding ground for a fungal disease called histoplasmosis which is transferable to humans who breathe in the fungal spores. Bats are also known to carry rabies, a viral disease that causes progressive paralysis and death in mammals, including humans. Many people don't like the droppings littering the ground, or the noise the bats make, or the odor they emit, and many people are simply uncomfortable around bats.


Cajun Critter Removal is especially skilled at removing bat colonies. Getting rid of bats requires experience. Our team has worked on dozens of bat problems in many complex structures. Cajun Critter Removal's bat removal system ensures that the colony will no longer use your home as a roosting area, and that no bats can get back in.

Bats federally protected animals. Because of White Nose Syndrome (WNS) bats are now on the endangered list. Do not kill bats, it is illegal. Because of West Nile and other various diseases bats are great to control the insect population and prevent the spread of diseases.

Killing bats does not solve your bat problem it just makes it worse. Decaying bats in your attic or wall will leave a very foul odor that you will have to deal with for a very long time.

Cajun Critter Removal cares for the welfare of these beneficial creatures, as do many environmental agencies, so we do not aim to kill any bats. Our professionals merely exclude them from the premises and make sure they can't get back in. We also thoroughly clean the biohazardous droppings that they leave behind. Experience counts when working on bat jobs, and it takes a skilled eye to get the job done right the first time.


Many people don't know where to turn when seeking bat control. The removal of bats is not the kind of thing that you would hire a pest control company to take care of. Any attempt to use such means will only make the problem worse, by killing some of the bats and causing odor issues, or driving some of them into the house. No reputable bat removal company would ever kill bats as part of the process. Bats are valuable animals. They do cause problems when they roost in buildings, but they should not be treated like vermin. 


There are no effective bat repellents available. A quality company that does the job right does not actually trap the bat, but excludes the bats safely. Many of the jobs are extremely challenging, involving very difficult to reach areas and difficult architectures. Cajun Critter Removal provides this unique and specialty service.